Dead Agenting

From policy letters written by L. Ron Hubbard, he has directed his followers to conform to and abide by his own personal beliefs about those who oppose his new age religious inventions for profit and personal gain.

2/25/66 HCO PL Attacks on Scientology, it is mandated to, "Never Defend Scientology, Always attack, feed blood, lurid sex, crimes to the press, and make it rough all the way."

5/30/74 HCO PL "It is my specific intention that by the use of professional PR (Black PR) tactics, my opposition not only be dulled, but permanently irradicated."

Such directives cause much ALARM for those who are not believers of this group. Also, Scientology's OSA division (Office of Special Affairs,) can NOT deviate from the enforcement of these Hubbard directives.

Dead Agenting is a name given to smear campaign concepts designed by Hubbard to "handle" his defectors and detractors. In laymens' terms it's to dig up dirt on others to bring them to their knees to make them silent. A very dark side of obstruction of justice in the U.S. Courts' judicial due process of law.

Cults in general, are very antagonistic and vindictive toward's their perceived enemies. Scientology is at the very top of these aberrative group reactive concerns.
The following link shows how pervasive the practice is. :

Yes, is provocative and compelling, and no doubt has made the sect very angry along with cult apologists in general. Their most recent Dead Agent and Black PR campaign against Mr. Padgett surfaced on the internet on August 8, 2003. See Also

This website is host to a multitude of lies, spins, and slick cover-ups to counter this very site. The author of this anti-Padgett family D.A. page can be found at: as a repeat behavor pattern against those who overtly opposed the beleif sytem's practices which can indeed mame and KILL innocent lives."