Death by Litigation and Psycho-Terrorism

Scientology has an official policy of harrassing and intimidating it's opponents. In the past, their activities would put to shame the activities of any crime syndicate. Vandalism, blackmail, and staged events to destroy an individual's professional career are carried out with a religious duty.
To the right, Tom Padgett's garage door after his legal entanglements with Scientology began. Notice the "S" and the "P" are underlined. "SP" is the Scientologist code for "Suppressive Person", the official designation for an enemy of Scientology. "SP's" are to be destroyed by any means possible, by order of L. Ron Hubbard. Even murder is justified under Hubbard's policy called "R2-45" which calls for 2 45-caliber bullets in the head of SPs.

After the physical vandalism, Tom had numerous instances of "anonymous" individuals writing or calling his employer, accusing him of bigotry, intolerance, or other character issues, and suggesting that he should be fired. Today, he is still being incessantly dragged into court on various trumped up charges. The intent, in the words of L. Ron Hubbard, is to use the courts to "utterly ruin" him.

Perhaps the most infamous example of "Death by Litigation" campaigns ever acheived by Scientology is the case of the Cult Awareness Network, which once was Scientology's greatest critic. After a barrage of 50 lawsuits, Scientology finally drove it's enemy into bankruptcy, and in the process, took the organization over!


Attorney Graham Berry in California, who has fought gallantly for years for the rights of ex-members and victims of the Scientology sect, describs their behavior of ruthless tactics of threats, coercion,
slander, stalking, and excessive litigation against it's defectors and detractors as "psycho-terrorism."

Some of the documented cases of the abuse of the legal system to intimidate ex-members and critics can be found on the following two links:

"Shy David" has a fantastic site documenting the legal harrassment tactics of Scientology. Not only do they resort to lawsuits, but enjoy framing their victims for serious crimes. Click Here for his Scientology section of his "Holy Smoke" site.

On FACTnet, there is an exceptional article about the tactics of Scientology to blackmail judges.

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