Here is Tom Padgett today.

Okay, so he is not the high-rolling executive that he was before. On the other hand, he is moving up with the company that he keeps. In the previous picture, Tom was shaking hands with the man that was formerly the most powerful man in the world. Here, he is shaking hands with the (formerly) most powerful being in the universe!! Yes, it's Xenu, the galactic warlord! In case you didn't know it, Xenu is one of the better kept secrets in Scientology. Click HERE for a great explanation from as to exactly who Xenu is and what Scientology teaches about him. (Note: The link you are going to was banned from most search engines because it reveals trademarked secrets about Scientology that they don't want anyone to know).

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Oh, by the way, Click HERE if you are interested in Xenu Sleuth, a great freeware program that checks the integrity of your links on your website. (The program writer happens to be the man behind the mask with Tom above!)