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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Tom Padgett Defense

From: (The Truth)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 19:23:38 -0400 (EDT)
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Happy Fathers Day 2000 to all!

Tom Padgett has not been with his children on Fathers Day in 8 years
since 1992.  This is a
product of "disconnection" being applied per
strict LRH Policy.  This has been a repeated concern and warnings
brought before the rural
western Kentucky Court by numerous experts.
The newest ploy to keep Tom disconnected from his kids, were criminal
charges being filed against him with obvious political motives
intertwined.  Additionally, Tom has been an
open critic of the Dianetics Mental Health Cult
(a.k.a. Scientology) going back to 1993, when
he was on C.B.S. News in Detroit in support
of Sally Jesse Rapheal who was being sued
by scientologists in Michigan for a very
revealing and compelling show she aired
in 1991.  His ex-wife Laura, a diehard Hubbard
follower, has battered Padgett for eight (8)
years now with nefarious and costly litigation
attempting to bring him to his knees, shut him
up, and have him just walk away from his
children who were once VERY closed to
him prior to being declared an SP enemy
by the Nashville Celebrity Ctr. Ex. Dir.
Shawn Bester in Tennessee.

A defense fund was started with the help
of FACTnet in 1998 for assistance in the
criminal charges filed in March of that year.
Those funds were depleted in 1999.  Interested benefactors may continue
to support
keeping Tom out of prison at:

     T. Padgett Defense Fund
     c/o A.B.U.S.E.
     Box 884
     Harwich, MA 02645
     fax and voice mail # (508)795-8518

Verification of the authenticity of need can be
made by calling:

John F. Padgett, Esq.  (508)255-0878

Robert T. Pardon, M.Div., ThM. (508)947-9571

Joseph V. Mobley, Esq. (502)583-4816

It is not pleasant to be in position to beg, however there appears to be
no other options
at this time.  Thank you, and again Happy
Fathers Day.


Alliance for Better Understanding of
Scientology Ethics  (A.B.U.S.E.) link to:

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