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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Exhibit R-8 in Civil Action # 92-CI-00444

July 21, 1995
Laura Padgett
address removed]

Dear Mommy,

I have decided I want to live with Dad.  I realize the
court says you have custody of me and the only reason is
*aniniosity."   I want the freedom in life to choose what I
think is best for me.   I don't like the very negative
policies of scientology as this causes animosity.  Dad is
a good loving responsible father.  He is not an"SP"!
Just as you are a good and loving mother.

I love you, Julie, and Dad more than anything and always
will.   Please realize the Judge is a friend of Mimi,
Grandaddy, and Aunt Ellen and should not decide for me or
Dad.   Please work this out with Dad and not in court.
Julie can speak for herself.

I can visit you a lot.  I am not afraid to fly alone.
Please don't be hurt by this decision.

I will always love you.


<signature of Beau>                witnessed  <signature of Rev>
                                         James Klucow, Pastor
                                      Parkway Presbyterian Church
                                             Orlando,    Fl

                                  A witness to the  desire  of  a  son
                                  wanting to live with   his  Dad.  No
                                  person   forced   Beau  sign  this, he
                                  did   so cheerfully    and at his own
                                  Free   will.

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