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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Affidavit of Gaby McGuire Vargas (was the executive secretary of Tom Padgett)


 I, Gaby Vargas state for the record a true and factual event.   On
 Wednesday August 9, 1995, an unidentified man approached me at my
 place of employment and offered me $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars)
 to completely stay away from Mr. Thomas C. Padgett. I rejected this offer
 immediately in anger and extremely offended by such a low and
 unscrupulous action. The man tried again to persuade me in taking the
 money stating "are you sure, this is a lot of money to turn down!" I stated
 "it may be a lot of money to you, but my morals and principals don't have
 a price tag" I so asked him to leave otherwise I would call security. He
 left quietly and quickly.

 Additionally r am aware I was approached by a Scientology outfit called
 Bauer Enterprises in a letter to Mrs. Padgett's friend a Mr. Hallyburton.
 As a mother and grandmother I hope that this assault on Mr. Padgett will
 stop soon.

 This I attest to:

  <signature>                                 <handwritten: August 24, 1995>
  Gaby Vargas                                        Date:  8/24/95
  [Orlando, Fl
  address removed]

      Copy  forwarded to H. Thompson & Associates

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