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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

A letter for grandparent visitation

From: (The Truth)
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Subject: a letter for grandparent visitation
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 18:12:09 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Tom Padgett, Massachusetts
To: Laura Padgett, Kentucky
Date: 2/1/98
Format: handwritten and sent by fax

Dear Laura,
       Mom's health is declining rapidly!  She
wants to see Julie and Beau.  All her other
grandchildren and great grandchildren have
visited her often.  I'm afraid she doesn't have
much time left.  Can you see fit for just a momment,
put all our secular differences aside, and get
our children here to see their loving grandmother one last time?  
       Please Laura, drop the LRH stuff for the
sake of family values.  I beg you.

Julie and Beau Padgett never saw their
grandmother Shirley Padgett before she died on 2/11/98.  The only
possible explanation
for this is: "Scientology, Kids, and Grandma"
URL'd at:
Grandmother Padgett didn't have proper
"dianetic behavior".......even on her deathbed!
Other interesting tidbits related to this travesty
are,  Hopkins Circuit Judge Charlie Boteler,
wrote in a final divorce decree ruling a recommendation that the
maternal grandfather,
Carl G. Vannoy, should be in charge of the
minor children's religious instructions since the
parents Laura, a Scientologist, and Tom, a
Protestant Christian were SOOOOO far apart
in their views of how to raise their children.
Judge Boteler, a personal friend of Carl Vannoy,  knew he would behave
as prescribed by the mental health guru L. Ron
Another interesting aspect to this ongoing saga
is Laura Padgett's civil attorney, Bill Whitledge
who's office is just accross the street from
prosecutor David G. Massamore who wants
Tom to spend 5 years in a Kentucky for
fabricated trumped-up crimes, has written
Tom's civil attorneys wanting discovery of the
late John W. and Shirley T. Padgett's worth.
The only explanation here can be found in
Time magazines' 5/6/91 cover story:
SCIENTOLOGY ~ The Cult of Greed.

The moral of this true real life story is:

Money ($$$$$) is always more important to scientologists than human


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