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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

The Madisonville Messenger 26 January 1999

The Madisonville Messenger, Tuesday, January, 26, 1999. Page A4

Padgett told to stop faxes blaming Scientology

Messenger Staff Writer

   Thomas Padgett's three-year sentence for flagrant non-support of his
minor children was diverted last week for five years in Hopkins Circuit
  Padgett of South Orleans,  was granted the diversion on condition he
make monthly child support payments, his $10,000 bond be applied to
arrearage and that once his remaining arrearage is determined, he make
monthly payments toward it.
  In addition to those conditions, Hopkins Circuit Judge Charles Boteler
ordered Padgett not to fax any more Scientology material to his office,
the clerk's office, the Commonwealth Attorney's office or any witness in
his criminal or civil case.
  Boteler also ordered Padgett to stay in contact with the probation and
parole office and to provide proof that he is making child support

  "If you have a motion, your attorney can file it, " Boteler said. "If
you don't have an attorney, you may file it with any information pertinent
to that motion. But it's not to be anything about Scientology."
   Padgett's attorney objected on the grounds his client's constitutional
rights were violated.
  "He is free to tell or send The Messenger, the TV stations anything. He
can even go on the Internet. But the Constitution does not guarantee him
the right to fire up people's fax machines.
  Padgett has been in a bitter divorce with his ex-wife for more than two
years. He contends his ex-wife's belief in Scientology is a detriment to
their two children, oldest of which is now 18.
  Boteler ruled more than a year ago Padgett had failed to prove that
claim. The ruling was affirmed by the Kentucky Court of Appeals.
  The day after his sentence was diverted, Padgett collapsed in a
Madisonville restaurant. He was transported to Regional Medial Center
where he was released three days ago.

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