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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Letter of Robert A. Monighetti, M.D. Re: why Padgett should not travel

            130 North Street
          Hyannis, Mass. 02601

September 13, 1999

Russell Lloyd, Esq.
Mobley & Lloyd
710 W. Main St., #400
Louisville, KY 40202

John F. Padgett, Esq.
90 Cranberry Hwy
Orleans, MA 02653

Ref.:  Thomas C. Padgett

Dear Gentlemen:

Thomas is being treated by me for a 
herniated  L5-S1 disk.  He has a significant
amount of back and left leg pain.  This is
worsened by bending, lifting, or sitting.
He should avoid traveling by car or plane
or any sitting over 30 minutes.

I am therefore, advising him not to travel
to Kentucky to provide legal testimony; 
it would not be medically advisable to do
so at this time.


Robert A. Monighetti, M.D.



Note:  Copies were given to Laura
Padgett's civil and criminal lawyers
as well as the local KY circuit court
with a request for deposition format
or phone testimony (which is allowed
by law,) but was ignored and denied.
Legal harassment at it's finest!

Ps. This file was not scanned by Mike Gormez.

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