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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Tom Padgett offer to mediate letter to Laura - 12 Oct 1992

      (hand written)

Laura --

Please note my new address is:
                     25376 Lyncastle St.
                     Farmington Hills,  MI  48336

Also I read in Time Magazine[5/6/91] where
Scientologists litigate people just to harm
and shut them up.  Also Mr. Turner advised
me your Mr. Hallyburton is a rough playing

Please agree to my offer to mediate and
work things out out-of-court and put any
anticipated lawyer fees and court costs
into a savings account for the Julie and
Beau's future  --  college, recreation, etc.
They don't need to suffer as a result of
our differences.

Please agree for our kid's sake!


Tom                           (no signature)
                               Laura V. Padgett

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