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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Presston Associates professional evaluation of Tom Padgett

               P.O. BOX 3122
         FARMINGTON HILLS, MI. 48333

                                       January  31,  1996

Mr. Milton C. Toby
Perch & Toby
3070 Harrodsburg Road  Suite 240
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Re; Thomas C. Padgett

Dear Mr.  Toby,
As requested I have completed a evaLuation or
the employment income potential of Mr. Padgett.


Analysis of a resume depicting the  background
of Mr. Padgett reveals a very successful ninteen
year hotel management career up until early 1994.
Mr.  Padgett had been recognized frequently with
promotions and significant salary increases
during  that period of time. Such history is
typical of proper educational preparation and
and performance of assignments producing upward
progressive recognition.


Mr. Padgett's current resume reveals a significant
"GAP" in his career track beginning January 1994.
Any less than astute executive recruiter would
question why  he moved  from Southfield,Michigan to
Detroit,Michigan in early 1994. Why he wasn't
retained upon sale of the hotel in Detroit in January
1994? What took him into the consulting arena? A
large number of "consultants" are relegated to
that status to account for a period of time between

Mr.   Padgett  is a 46 year old having attained a
significant earnings status in a industry where
younger executives with acceptable credentials
could  be recruited at far less salary and  benefits.


The growth in his career industry is fair to stagnant
at present with  current managers striving to maintain
existing salary levels and positions.


It would be accurate to conclude that Mr.  Padgett's
future earnings potential from continuation of choosen
career and  industry is guarded and probably dismal.
It should be noted that this conclusion, based on the
facts of record, is in charp contrast to projections
by a Mr. Hank Hinton whereby he suggest Mr. Padgett has
"a significant income potential".

There appears to have been some unusual out-side inter-
ference in this progressive career.  Based on conversations
with Mr. Padgett and careful review of factual documents,
one must conclude that impact was caused by a unfriendly
and non-traditional entity which in many professional
corners is regarded as cultic. Unfortunately, this negative
influence will no doubt continue until cognizant authority
stays with expected  intervention.

These conclusions on Mr. Padgett's career status are
presented based on:  over twenty-five years as a human
resource executive for two major multi-nationl corp-
orations; during which experience I recruited,  interviewed
and retained many  executive candidates; from that process
hundreds of resumes were reviewed and careers analyzed
as a routine; taught human resources at college level,
and coalesced with and  since 1985 as a practicing Arbitrator
and human resource consultant.

If I can provide further analysis or commentary,  please


 G. Preston Doom


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