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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Padgett Litigation Update 23

From: (The Truth)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Padgett LITIGATION Update 23
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:12:19 -0400 (EDT)
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Orleans District Court, Mass.
Extradition hearing of Thomas Padgett of South Orleans, MA, wanted by
the state of Kentucky
(for reasons still undisclosed by the Kentucky  authorities at this

Padgett's attorney argued they wanted a further
extension of time because of political and cultic
influences in Kentucky causing his inability to
retain legal representation there.  The prosecution didn't object to the
delay request,
but asked the court for finality to get the case
off their books.  The judge granted three (3)
more weeks at which time Padgett must
appear on July 21, 2000 and either sign
a waiver of extradition or be placed into
custody and incarcerated until the Kentucky
authorities arrive to transport him back to that
state to stand trial (but for what crime or violation is still not known
at this time - see
update 22.)  The Massachusetts court said
while Padgett may be pure as the driven snow,
they do not have the jurisdiction to examine the
merits of the facts even if they are completely
erroneous and trumped up.  Their job is to
deliver a wanted fugitive from justice to their
sister commonwealth - that's the law!

Consultants to the case in the field of cults,
mind control, and coercive tactics, are
advising critical coverage  by major networks,
the national press, and the international news media as something stinks
in China (in this case Kentucky.)


Alliance for Better Understanding of
Scientology Ethics  (A.B.U.S.E.) link to:

"Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding scientology.  We
haven't yet found a way to attack these jackals who feed on children and
young adults who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves when
they reach the age of consent."
     U.S. Congressman Leo J. Ryan, shortly
before being gunned downed by another
[totalitarian] cult in Jonestown, South America.

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