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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Padgett Litigation UPDATE 38

From: (A.B.U.S.E.)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Padgett Litigation UPDATE 38
Date: 26 Aug 2001 09:24:55 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Scientologist Laura Vannoy Padgett's Litigation against her ex husband
wages on.

     On Monday, August 20, 2001, Vannoy came before the Hopkins Ciruit
Court in Kentucky with a Motion to Quash Notice of Taking of
Deposition filed by Mr. Padgett's attorney, and to take exceptions
(complain) of a prior Pendente Lite Report by the Domestic Relations
Commissioner that was in favor of respondent Tom Padgett.  Arguments
by the Scientologist's lawyer Wm. Whitledge, was continued harping on
his objections of allowing Dr. Stephen Kent's expert testimony to
remain in the records of Civil Action 92-CI-00444 archived at:

     A prior August 3, 2001 ruling from Commissioner Susan McClure
granted that depositions of Mr. Padgett and other scheduled expert
witness may be routinely conducted in Massachusetts and therefore not
required to be in Kentucky to complete this final discovery phase
pending since 1996.  Additionally, the petitioner brought forth
objections and protest to the existence of the web site  The defense of that attempt to
quash free speech on the internet by Padgett's lawyer was very simple,
"That is not Tom's web page.  It's maintained by parties in Holland.
End of subject."

     On Monday August 20th, Judge Charles Boteler reversed his nine
year trend in the case of [always] ruling in favor of the
pro-scientology maternal family -- a judicial behavior of supporting
local constituents regardless of known facts and application of
statutory law.  He denied the quashing motions by Laura Vannoy as her
last ditch effort to obstruct justice through basic due process, and
therefore depositions will commence in Middleboro, Massachusetts at
9:00 AM on Monday, August 27, 2001.  Witnesses to be deposed are; Tom
Padgett, the respondent; Rev. Bob Pardon, the Director of the New
England Institute for Religious Research and recent speaker at the
American Family Foundation Conference in May 2001; and tentatively,
Dr. Marvin Snider, a noted clinical psychologist from the Boston area.
 Both written and video transcripts of these depositions will be
available in a week or so.

    Laura Vannoy's testimony will be given in court on September 10,
2001 in Madisonville, Kentucky.

    The Kentucky Ciruit Court remained silent on the interent issues
raised by the Scientologists, as it knew it had no authority or
jurisdiction in that matter.

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former e-address:

From: (tommyboy) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Padgett Litigation UPDATE 38 Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 21:37:42 -0400 (EDT) Message-ID: <> Fred, Feisty, and Mikey: Thanks and you're right...and I agree with your comments.. Here's some feedback from yesterday's depositions: .....and a warning that they may not be listed in a priority or chronological fashion, and as well there is a fine line between subjectivity and objectivity when you are a parent and issues of your children are foremost and the concept of unconditional love intervenes. 1. Expert witness Bob Pardon, Dir. of the New England Institute of Religious Research was impeccable. He had smoke coming out of the opposing counsel's ears!! :-)) He joined professor's Dr. Stephen Kent's May 2001 declaration & testimony 100%. If anybody has a scanner to post his written testimony, please e-mail me your fax number to post this for review. 2. One and half hours of examination of me by my attorney was calm, rational, logical, and FACTUAL. 3. Fireworks started when my $cientologist ex's lawyer started to cross examine me. His style was to enter exhibits and then ask me to comment on them..... a. a print out of the webpage on his client's litigious behavior....of which I responded don't ask me, ask your client...she's the one who believes in LRH skripture of Fair Game(R) and legal harassment doctrine. I referred him (and the court) to "MY" i-net page http://community, as a site that "I" control. b. various checks I had written his client and the Hopkins Co. Court c. print outs of e-mails between my daughter apparently intercepted by her mother d. OLD orders from the court e. an affidavit from the criminal court proceedings f. misc. documentation of my brother, sister, and late parents as to their "wogish" nature and SP and PTS behavior g. old declarations that my kid's signed back in 1995 as current concerns h. 6 year old bank account numbers i. etc. NOTHING NEW OR COMPELLING It quickly became apparent to me that all the consultations I had received re: this lawyer being guided by Moxon at. al. was for real!! He ranted on about a DUI charge in Massachusetts as having some bearing on the proceedings in Kentucky namely a probation violation allegation to send me back to prison for a long time for some morals clause infraction. My counsel interrupted "not relevant to these civil court matters," There was a point when I threatened the opposing counsel with a bar complaint for harassment, perjurious conduct, and abuse of my own children in the absence of a guardian ad litem representing their interests away from the respective parental concerns. On several occasions, the court reporter had to stop the loud and hostile exchanges just to get the transcripts straight over the CULTIC legal harassment noise. I'm sure I've left a ton of stuff out here, but all in all it was very unpleasant BUT may reap significant rewards in the pursuit of getting the missing facts to the surface......after nine (9) plus years. I hope and pray. Tom ------------------------------
From: (tommyboy) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Padgett Litigation UPDATE 38 Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:19:34 -0400 (EDT) Message-ID: <> Oh, here's a few more questions asked of me in sworn depositions last Monday 8/27/01: j. to reveal the names of persons who have contributed the PADGETT DEFENSE FUND. My attorney objected. k. to reveal the names of those who have posted things on the i-net critical of his client, $cientology, and the Court officers in Hopkins Co., Kentucky. My attorney objected. l. to reveal the name of the person who distributed anti-$cientology leaflets all over Madisonville, Ky just this past June. See news:alt.binaries.scientology for scan of flyer and more details. My attorney objected. m. to reveal the nature of a trip I made to Albany, Oho last January. My response was "Go on the internet and log on to the web site and read all about it yourself sir." He tried to interrupt me several times but the court reporter told the lawyer to hush and asked me to repeat the domain name letters....for the record. n. to reveal the nature and subjects of conversations that took place between me and my son during our 2 week visitation last July. My attorney objected. But I went ahead and answered the question anyways FOR THE RECORD as follows: "We talked about all kinds of things as any normal parent would with their child." He snorted in reply, "Did you talked about Scientology and this litigation?" o. to admit I was afraid to return Kentucky because I feared being arrested and incarcerated again. My reply was, "I fear going to any local where the local and state government condones $cientologists' practices of Fair Game(c) and 'legal harassment' doctrine." Ooooh he didn't like that answer. :) But it's on the record now. Tom ------------------------------

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