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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Padgett Litigation Update 45

From: (A.B.U.S.E.)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Padgett Litigation UPDATE 45
Date: 4 Jun 2002 11:38:18 -0700
Message-ID: <>
Very disturbing news is being reported today.

     MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY - On Monday, June 3rd, a bench warrant was
issued for the arrest of Thomas C. Padgett of Massachusetts by Hopkinsrr
Circuit Court Judge Charles W. Boteler, Jr.  at the request of local
Western Kentucky Prosecutor, David Massamore, a known close neighbor
of Scientologist Laura Vannoy Padgett.  The grounds for the
arrest warrant, [allegedly] was "failure to appear."

     Public Defender James M. Ruschell was shocked by this
ruling adding commentary; "This case (litigation # 98-CR-067) seems to
have a life of it's own."

     Defendant Tom Padgett's comments were more detailed.
"It is my true belief that the Scientology cult wants me dead as a
defector of this criminal organization which cloaks itself in
'religion' slants for U.S. Constitutionr
protection to allow it's totalistic motives to go forward unnoticed. I
won, and was granted liberal vistitation with my minor son Beau
including 5 weeks of extended summer interaction which has not been
enjoyed since 1995.  A bench warrant for my arrest would certainly
compromize this NEW
normal parent/child time as a covert DISCONNECTION ploy given that the
dad (me) is in prison serving time best discribed by Boston
Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA) representative Frank Ofman
 as... "Scientology Condemns all Crime and Criminals.' I also believe
the Judge and prosecutor have been bribed, or investgated by the cult
to alter their respective rational and logical judicial thinking and
behaviors to allow their continued assaults upon me."

     Based on these reports and comments, is it not time to rely upon
the expertise of Dr. Stephen Kent's professional social behavior
assessments of the Padgett families' secular conflicts as entered
record filings:

     All we can say is something really is wrong in Kentucky, perhaps
more so, or at least equal to, legal events in Florida or California
regarding the Hubbard sect. If only the media like Court TV could have
the convictions, or the stamina, to delve into the abuses of the
Church of Scientology, many lives would be spared, if not saved.

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