Tom Padgett

(Tom Padgett is listed on the xenu directory of scientology critics, with much of the documentation of the harassment he endured HERE.)

One of these two characters did jail time. He happens to be the one who was eventually exhonerated. The other worked out an immunity deal with prosecutors, and avoided serving any time simply by acknowledging he committed a felony (ie. lying to a grand jury). Tom Padgett, on the right, only told the truth. When a judge told him to stop telling the truth, Tom refused. For this, he was manacled, led away, and thrown in jail.

Tom, as you may have deduced from the picture, was once a well-respected and successful business man. It took the underhanded legal manueverings of the Church of Scientology, and their mischeivous and slandering goon squad to bring him down.

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