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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Cape Cod Times 26 July 2000 - letters to the editor

From: Jeta <>
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Subject: Cape Cod Times - July 26, 2000 - Letter by Tom Padgett
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 19:51:24 +0200
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Cape Cod Times,
July 26, 2000
Letters to the Editor

Defector defends his positions

As a victim of Frank Ofman's personal character assault
upon me in a recent letter to the editor, I am compelled
to respond. Over a year ago, Ofman was invited to debate
me on local cable TV or a Boston regional or national
affiliate news talk show in regard to the controversial
nature of Scientology. If you and your readers recall,
he declined. However, he is still involved in a
letter-writing campaign against me as a defector of his
church, which I consider a cult.

To set the record straight, infinite details about the
nefarious litigation going on in Kentucky that Ofman
refers to as just a matter of child support (money) are
archived on the Internet at
I have nothing to hide. I would encourage Ofman to jump
on his computer and absorb the details as a homework
assignment. Also, I re-invite him for a debate on a
local, regional, or national news talk show to openly
discuss matters of child rearing, scientology, L. Ron
Hubbard, or my character.

I am an infinitely loving, devoted, and supportive
parent. What Ofman omitted in his letter is that his
counterpart in the Nashville, Tenn., organization
declared me a "Suppressive Person enemy" of his religion
back in 1993. They have been attacking me ever since.

            TOM PADGETT
            South Orleans


From: (Michael 'Mike' Gormez --
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The letter that didn't make the Cape Cod Times
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 22:43:16 GMT
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Hassan's letter that didn't make the Cape Cod Times:


Re: Frank Ofman, Scientology, and Tom Padgett

Dear Editor:

This letter is written to you in great concern re: a July 11, 2000
published letter from Mr. Frank Ofman titled "Church responds to

First however, I wanted give you a sketch about myself so the Times will
know where I am coming from in responding Mr. Ofman's assertions.  I am
licensed mental health counselor and Director of the Freedom of Mind
Resource Center.  The Center's web site is
Additionally, I am the author of two books; "Combatting Cult Mind
Control," and just recently published "RELEASING THE BONDS -- Empowering
People to Think for Themselves."  Lastly, some 24 years ago I was a member
of a high control high demand group like Scientology -- The Unification
Church  or better known as Moonies.  It was this first hand experience in
a cult which led me into the arena of research and counseling in the
esoteric field of mind control, thought reform, and undue influence.

Your readers should be cognizant, that while Mr. Ofman is currently
stationed at Scientology's Boston Org (organization,) he reports to a much
higher international branch of the corporate church structure called The
Office of Special Affairs (OSA.)  An excellent web page exists that delves
into the details of this
"secret service" arm of Scientology

In Mr. Ofman's July 11th letter to the editor, on behalf of his employer,
he speaks of being happy, happiness, and supposed responsibility to
children by parents.  In regarding Scientology's true nature relative to
being happy, though there are many web sites on the net that are concern
and critical of L. Ron Hubbard's alternative belief system, I would highly
recommend for an inside look into the group.  A few
other web sites that expose their hidden agenda's are,, and  In regarding Scientology's track
record with children (Child Dianetics,) families, and parenting, a new
compelling web site has just come on the net domained at:   Your Times readers deserve to be educated
consumers in being able to discern between fact and fiction as well as
beliefs vs. behavior.

Regarding Mr. Padgett, I have met Tom on several occasions including
meeting with his family members in South Orleans  in March of 1999.  I
have also consulted with other experts familiar with his plight including
his minister. I have no reason to believe that Tom has ever been derelict
in his duties as a parent financially
or otherwise such as Mr. Ofman attempted to assert.  On the contrary, I
would belief Mr. Padgett's dedication and love for his children is
unquestionable considering  the relentless attacks he has endured from
Scientology and the nefarious litigation from his ex wife which is
approaching eight years now.  It is standard
 Scientology policy to disconnect family members, assault the character of
their critics and ex-members, and bury them in costly and hostile
litigation.  Mr. Ofman neglected to reveal these motives in his recent

In summary, I applaud and commend Mr. Padgett's dedication and
responsibility as a loving father and willingness to speak out against the
Scientology cult.  Many other parents would have long ago run from this
problem in fatigue and fear.  What I got reading this letter, was Mr.
Ofman would be "happy" if Mr. Padgett served time in jail for a crime he
did not commit simply because he disagrees with the practices, beliefs,
and policies of the Scientology [church] created by science fiction writer
L. Ron Hubbard.  This would "isolate" Tom from society and his children
accomplishing further family "disconnection!"   Isolation from outsiders
and disconnection from loved ones is strict scientology policy.  A glaring
omission in Ofman's letter is the fact that Padgett is an ex-member of the
group -- not just a critic! In March of 1993, he was declared an "SP enemy
[suppressive person- Scientology loaded language]" by the group. This
sheds a whole different perspective in viewing Ofman's true motives.


Steven Hassan, M.Ed. LMHC
Freedom of Mind Resource Center
P.O. Box 45223
Somerville, MA 02145
tel. # (617) 628-9918
fax. # (617) 628-8153

See for background.


Scientology & Dianetics
Tax-exempt child abuse and neglect?

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