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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

G. Preston Affidavit in Civil Action # 92-CI-00444


RE: Civil Action # 92-CI-00444
    Diversion Plea Agreement # 98-CI-0067

      I, G. Preston Doom, do hereby certify that the attached January
31, 1996 professional assessment of Mr. Thomas  Padgett, is a true and
correct copy.  I continue to stand by it's validity  and conclusions.
     I have reviewed the June 5, 1998 and June 8, 1999 psychological
evaluations of Mr. Padgett by Dr. Marvin  Snider, and the August  11,
1999 evaluation by Rev. Robert T. Pardon in re: Mr. Padgett's
personal issues and moral character.  Combined, these three (3)
documents are very compelling and support my earlier analysis
pointing to unfriendly and negative influences not only impacting
Padgett's  career demise, but maintaining his income potential as
severely challanged and covertly compromised.
    Supporting  my January 1996 warning and advisements for authori-
tative intervention,  a review of Padgett's 1996, 1997, 1998, and
1999  income from IRS tax returns and W-2 forms, clearly illustrates
a radically sharp decline from a six (6) figure income in 1993 to
a level of what would be considered borderline poverty a four (4)
     One can not ignore in reviewing prolific documentation of Mr.
Padgett's life since 1992, that he has been engulfed in vexatious
litigation being protracted by his ex wife which has advanced into
criminal  charges. Having a felony label placed on Mr. Padgett would
completely dash any hopes of him resuming any decent paying job.  His
current medical problems with his back adds to the bleak outlook of any
income potential.
     As a practicing arbitrator, I would urge Mrs. Padgett to pursue
other more prudent dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation
and arbitration.  This is consistent with the American Academy  of
Matrimonial Lawyers Bounds of Advocacy philosophies and recommendations.

 <signature>                                       G. Preston Doom
Notary Public                                      Preston and Associates
my commission  expires:  3-24-2001                 Farmington Hills, M1

                                                       A. Summers
                                       <illegible> County Circuit Clerk


There is a story in the above entered stamped date of 18 Apr 2000 which marks this case ("missing" docs and all). Mr. Preston was in court on the 10th of Apr during the Padgett session and entered his affidavit and evaluation of T. Padgett. When Mr. Padgett faxed the court clerk for an "entered" copy a week later it had as "entered" stamped date the 18th of Apr. Which seems odd. What if Tom Padgett would not have asked for a copy?

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