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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Thompson report

"An Investigative Firm"
March 11, 1996

     Milton Toby, Esq.
     Attorney at Law
     3070 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 240
     Lexington, KY 40503-2753


            OUR FILE:   96-475

     Dear Mr. Toby:

     This letter is intended to report investigative activity
     undertaken by this agency for Mr. Thomas Padgett in the
     above captioned cause.  During this reporting period, our
     inquiry focused chiefly on the conduct and status of Sheldon
     Bauer, a person purported to be a private investigator in

     This investigation was necessary because of a letter
     ostensibly authored by a man named Sheldon Bauer, Executive
     Director, Bauer Enterprises, 512 Cleveland Street, Suite 103,
     Clearwater, Florida.  As you know, this letter of April 04,
     1995, was addressed to Mr. Michael Hallyburton, an attorney
     representing Mrs. Padgett.  Mr. Bauer's authority to conduct
     private investigations in Florida is questionable.  The style
     of the letter did not appear to me to have been written by an

     I also noted that the address of Bauer Enterprises was at 512
     Cleveland Street, Clearwater, Florida.  My research revealed
     that the address is a probable mail drop frequented by nearby
     Church of Scientology members.  My research also revealed
     that Bauer Enterprises is not a Licensed Detective Agency in
     Florida, nor does that company name appear as a fictitious
     business name in Florida.  Bauer Enterprises and Sheldon
     Bauer do not have occupational licenses with Pinellas County
     or the City of Clearwater, Florida.  Bauer Enterprises is not
     listed in the telephone book and Shedon Bauer's telephone
     number is non-published.

Post Office Box 150  * Tavares, FL 32778  * (904) 343-2406  *  FAX

       Page Two
       Milton Toby, Esq.
       March 11, 1996
       Re:   Thomas Padgett

       Telephone calls to the number listed on the letter are
       answered by an answering machine with a male voice announcing
       that it is Bauer Enterprises.  A business listing for Bauer
       Enterprises was found in Arlington Height, Illinois. That
       number has been disconnected.

       I noted that Sheldon Bauer conducted his investigative
       activity on March 01, 1995 and dated the letter to Mr.
       Hallyburton on April 04, 1995.  Bauer apparently presented an
       Illinois Driver1 5 License as identification.  Further data
       base research revealed that on April 21, 1995, Sheldon Warren
       Bauer, a white male born in 1938, was issued a Florida
       driver's license.  A previous adress in Arlington Height
       Illinois was linked to this subject.

       I have reviewed a VHS video tape of a hearing in Kentucky
       that occurred on June 28, 1996.   An attorney, presumably 
       Hallyburton, told the court that they had "gone to the
       trouble and expense of having a private investigator in
       Florida go the hotel."

       I suspect that the letter in question was not authored by a
       licensed investigator and I further suspect that Mr.
       Hallyburton intentionally misrepresented that fact to the
       court.  To substantiate my suspicions, I accessed computer
       data base for records of the Florida Division of Licensing,
       Secretary of State.  That search failed to find anyone named
       Sheldon Bauer licensed to conduct investigations in this
       state.  On the side of caution, on March 08, 1996, I
       contacted the Investigations Division, Secretary of State.
       That agency is responsible for enforcement of Chapter 493,
       Florida Statutes.  That agency confirmed my suspicions that
       Sheldon Bauer is not licensed in this state as a private
       investigator.  The state investigators have requested that
       the information contained herein be provided to them for
       investigation under Chapter 493.

       In furtherance of this investigation, on March 04, 1996, I
       interviewed and obtained a recorded statement from Gaby
       McGuire.  A copy of the transcript of her statement is
       enclosed.  The original audio tape is retained in the files
       of this agency.

       For your perusal and file, I am sending along some data base
       printouts pertaining to Sheldon Bauer.  I am also enclosing
       my current Curriculum Vitae and a copy of my state license
       identification card.

Page Three
Milton Toby, Esq.
March 11, 1996
Re:  Thomas Padgett

If you have any questions or instructions regarding this
matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Investigation continues.

Very truly yours,

Richard D. Thomson
cc: Mike Kelley
    Thomas Padgett

Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

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