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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Tom Padgett Affidavit in Criminal Action # 98-CR-0067

                         COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY
                           HOPKINS CIRCUIT COURT
                       MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY 42431
                      CRIMINAL ACTION NO.  98-CR-067

COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY                                  PLAINTIFF

VS.                            AFFIDAVIT

THOMAS C. PADGETT                                         DEFENDANT

      Comes now the defendant, who after being duly sworn,   states
the following in regarding flagrant crimes in which he has committed
not only in this state but in Michigan,   Florida,  Tennessee, and
Massachusetts.   In recent months Commonwealth Attorney David G.
Massamore requested of the defendant's counsel that an affidavit
be executed and signed openly confessing to crimes he has flagrantly
committed.   This is that affidavit for the Commonwealth's 4th Judicial
Circuit Court's presecutor.

      1. My name is Thomas Carter Padgett.

      2. I reside in South Orleans, Massachusetts.

      3. In the summer of 1978,  I was deceptively recruited into the
Scientology/Dianetics mental health sect by Laura Kay Vannoy of
Madisonville, Kentucky.    All experts studied in aberrational sects
confirm this group as a dangerous and destructive organization.     After
spending thousands and thousands of dollars and reaching the much coveted
level of "CLEAR" in 1984 at the Cincinnati, Ohio Org.,    I quietly left
the group in September of 1987 and went off-lines with the Washington,
DC Org.

      4. In December of 1991,  I read a copy of Time Magazine's May 6,
1991 cover story "Scientology - The Cult of Greed," that justified my
prior beliefs that this group was a scam and definitely not a religion
as one would believe from the use of the word "church"    in it's public
and legally copyrighted name.    However I became allerted and alarmed

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my young children and their mother were still in the cult engaged in LRH training routines and Dianetic mental "auditing" processes. 5. In July of 1992, I committed the crime of speaking out against the group's harmful practices and policies. At the time, I did not realize it was a crime and thought I was just exercising basic 1st and 14th amendment rights promised by the Constitution of the United States and guaranteed by the governments of the Fifty (50) states. 6. In 1993, I continued to flagrantly commit this crime. The secular laws drafted by the group's founder science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, concisely note: "IT IS A HIGH CRIME TO PUBLICLY DEPART SCIENTOLOGY" as written on page 205 in the book "Introduction to Scientology Ethics," Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, CA., 1989. 7. An investigation with the Nashville, TN Scientology Celebrity Center, it was revealed that I was viewed as a PTS (potential trouble source,) and declared an SP enemy and an "asshole" by church officials, when all I thought I was doing was being concerned with real potential trouble sources and for those facts in regarding matters of my family and loved ones would not be suppressed in a civil litigation instigated by Laura Vannoy Padgett against myself in her closely guarded hometown. 8. As a declared SP enemy with the cult and ultimately convicted of this alleged high crime, my sentence was to be "fair gamed" per HCO Policy Letter 10/18/67 Issue IV which is the sect's Enemy-SP Order. Said Co$/LRH order states that I A "May be deprived of property, or injured by any means by any scientologist with out discpline of the scientolo-gist." And that I "May be tricked, sued, lied to, and destroyed." 9. The result of being fairgamed by scientologists including Laura Vannoy Padgett, for my continuing to flagrantly commit this page 2 of 5
high crime (alleged,) the following events have happened to me and the lives of my loved ones in the past seven years: - I have been "disconnected" from my children per LRH policy. - My mother, Shirley T. Padgett, now deceased, was also declared an SP enemy in 1993 per the Nashville, TN Dianetics Foundation location. - I have been litigated into oblivion by Scientologist Laura Vannoy exactly per LRH/Co$ doctrine to "use the law to harass and ruin." - I have been set-up for fictional crimes. - I have been stalked by scientologists at my places of residence and work per HCO Black PR Policy with "Dead Agent Packs." - My homes in Michigan and Florida were vandalized and burglarized. - I've received threats against my life. - I've received anynomous "hate" mail with the purpose to scare and hush me. - My employers have received anynomous character assassination letters with claims that I was a religious bigot and morally lacking. - Former employees of mine have been stalked and approached by Co$ spies including a offering of sizable cash bribe to stay away from me and my children. See attached 3/11/96 Thompson report. - I've been tailed and spied on by unlicensed private investigators connected to the Church of Scientology. See P.1. report. - I've been picketed against by cult members., carrying signs that read "Stay home deadbeat dads." 12/6/97 St. Pete Times cover story. - Lies about me and Laura Padgett's civil and criminal litigations have been printed in the local Madisonville Messenger Newspaper. - I've had my U.S. mail and Post Office Box tampered with ( a federal criminal offense.) - My children's mail from me has been sensored. Phone calls from me to my children are monitored against court orders not to be. - My once successful career has been destroyed and reduced from a six (6) figure income in 1993 to a four (4) figure income in 1996, 1997, and 1998. 1999 also. - Material and expert witnesses that have testified on my behalf in Laura Padgett's civil litigation have been harassed in various manners and one noting "this is a big case for senior executives in scientology" in a sworn affidavit. page 3 of 5
- I have been a victim of various bait n' switch tactics employed by lawyers of scientologist Laura Padgett that includes the use of a fake expert psychologist appointed by the Court, misdemeanor plea agreements, probation transfer promises devious return of child support checks, unilateral discovery processing (not bilateral disclosure for both parties,) and the use of officers of the court who are known acquaintences of the maternal pro-scientology family the Vannoys in Madisonville, KY. - My children have been "disconnected" from paternal family members such as grandparent1 aunts, uncles, and many cousins. - I have had fees, costs, and expenses assessed against me in civil court proceedings far beyond my income to pay them. 10. Currently, the Attorney for the plaintiff in this criminal action is moving the Court on April 10, 2000, to convict and sentence me to five (5) years in the state prison for new but totally erroneous allegations of more crimes committed, a plea agreement being violated by speaking with the press in these matters, and accusing my lawyers of aiding and abetting me in flagrant misdemeanor crimes and criminal acts. 11. The judge in the civil action against me, which is also the judge in this case, ruled on April 4, 1994, that I had the right to bring forth evidence and testimony in regarding the harm caused by the scientology/Dianetic belief system back then and in any future post final ruling litigation. Additionally, the Kentucky Court of Appeals noted in a January 30, 1997 Opinion that "The trial court was at all times receptive to Scientology issues relative to harm...." Thusly, I make this sworn affidavit a testimony in the belief that I have the rights to do so, and assert there is no statute in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that makes "Publicly Departing Scientology" a high crime or any felony or misdemeanor offense whatsoever. There are no statutes in the states that I have lived in since Laura Padgett's civil and criminal actions against me have been waged - Michigan, Florida, and Massachusetts or any U.S. state. There are no federal laws in existence that supports that it is a crime to publicy speak out against the abusive and potentially page 4 of 5
lethal conduct and behavior of Scientologists and the practice of "Child Dianetics - Processing of Children." I confess openly and freely to committing secular high crimes and being severely punished and destroyed as a result. Sworn to under oath on this the 5th day of APRIL, 2000. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS COUNTY OF BARNSTABLE <signature> THOMAS CARTER PADGETT <signature> Notary Public MY COMMISSION EXPRIES My commission expires: OCTOBER 20,2006

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