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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Padgett Litigation Update 18

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From: (The Truth)
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Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 07:59:29 -0400 (EDT)
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Transcripts from the April 10th "combined"
civil and criminal hearing in litigation being waged by Scientologist
Laura Padgett against
her ex husband Tom, were made public on
April 21st.

Kentucky 4th Judicial Circuit Court Judge
Charlie Boteler noted during his ramblings
of why expert and material witness testimony
and evidence on Tom Padgett's behalf should
remain stricken from the record, [quote]......
......"It doesn't matter if you (Mr. Padgett) have
the character of Jesus Christ or the devil (satan)......I don't care"
Judge Boteler is
the only judge on record in the world, as
giving tacit approval of Child Dianetics --
Processing of Children, over child psychology
and child psychiatry thus making Kentucky the
first state to condone the sci-fi mental health
alternative for minor dependants.  This being
a big win for the scientologists, the father
(Padgett,) has vowed to fight this until there is
no breath left in his body or down to the last
dime in his pocket.   Disconnection of family
members is proper "dianetic behavior" per
Hubbard policy.
Proceeding pro se, Padgett convinced the court
to enter the expert assessment by Preston &
Associates,  executive recruitment consultants
and arbitration service.  Mr. Preston Doom, 
reported three critical factors contributing to
the demise of Padgett's once successful

1) "unfriendly" stalkings at his places of work
     with character assaults and cultic P.I.'s
      infiltrating his employers and employees.

2) the obsessive litigious behavior of his ex
    wife over the past 7+ years

3) a felony label being attempted to be put on
     him by Laura Padgett in matters of child

"Combined these influences in Mr.Padgett's
life would not be viewed by any conservative
corporation seeking executives in high paying
responsible positions as positive factors,"
Doom reported to the court.

Civil court matters were postponed to May 31.

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