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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Padgett Litigation Update 3

From: (The Truth)
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Subject: PADGETT LITIGATION POST #3 (re-post from June 1998)
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 15:09:49 -0400 (EDT)
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(originally posted by
  in early June 1998 from the video recorded
  transcripts of Case No. 92-CI-00444 on
  11/15/00. [Error. It's 11/15/93 - MG]


Attorneys for Co$ cult defector and declared
SP enemy Tom Padgett, motioned the Hopkins
Circuit Court in Kentucky to have the Judge,
Charles W. Boteler, Jr., and his appointed
Special Domestic Master Commissioner,
local attorney Harry S. Hinton, to recuse
themselves as judicial fact-finders in Laura
Padgett's divorce and custody litigation
against her former 2D (husband in wog
language,) on November 15, 1993.

The arguments in re: the conflicts of the
Judge were:

1. He was a friend of pro-SCN maternal family

2. Prior to his election as the current 4th
    Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Boteler was
    the protege of his predecessor Judge Tom
    Spain who moved on to the Kentucky
    Supreme Court.  Judge Spain was a VERY
    close family friend of the Vannoys who
    support Dianetics and Scientology for their
    daughter Laura.

3. Judge Boteler confessed he also was a
    former employer of Laura Padgett's sister
    Ellen Vannoy Sloop.

The arguments in re: conflicts of the 
Commissioner to hear the details of the
case (see Paul Grosswald Affidavit,) was that
his law partnership/practice was a tenant in
commercial property owned by Laura Padgett's
father Carl Vannoy and shared with his
former insurance agency.

A second motion was filed that day to have
the Court require the custodial evaluator Dr.
Nichols, who was chosen and appointed by
Commissioner Hinton, to consult with experts
in the field of cults and mind control.  Padgett's
legal counsel suggested the names of Dr.
Paul Martin, Dr. Margaret Singer, and/or Dr.
Jolyn West as consultants and servants for
the Court.

The Court DENIED and overruled both motions.

These rulings of 5 years ago become a life & death
concern since Laura Padgett went before a
grand jury in that same small town venue,
to indict her ex for crimes of not providing
proper financial support to her for their children.
She wants the same judge to hear this case
too!  Padgett's counsel will again move for his
recusal and the appointment of ONLY
"expert" social or psychological behavioral
scientists to be relied upon in this new case
(see 1996/97 prior investigation by the
Kentucky State Board of Psychology.)


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