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Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Dennis Erlich Affidavit of 13 March 1996 - marked as evhibit s-7
exhibit in the civil case in an earlier appeal brief

March 13,  1996

Donna Nicholas, Psy. D.
Associates in Counseling
1802 So Virginia St
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

James L. Klukow, Pastor
Parkway Presbyterian Church
4731 Hearthside Drive
Orlando, FL 32837

RE: The Padgett children

Dear Dr. Nichols and Rev. Klukow:

I am writing to you as it is my understanding that both of you
are being presented as expert witnesses to the current custodial
and visitation concerns for Julie and Beau Padgett.   It is with
an extreme sense of urgency I share with you the following:

I was a minister of the scientology for fifteen years, from 1968
to 1982.   Toward the tail end in this capacity I began demand
reform relative to scientology's barbaric, inhumane, treatment of
children and harassing practices and policies toward its imagined
enemies.   Since I left the employ of scientology I have been
speaking out against the practices of this dangerous cult.  As a
result,   I have been subjected to severe forms of personal,
parental, professional, and legal harassment not dissimilar to
that which Julie and Beau's father has seemingly experienced.  I
have experienced first hand the harsh reality of the emotional,
psychological, and financial damage the cult can inflict on a

I have grave concerns for Mr. Padgett and his children,   while I
can not speak for the children's mother as I do not know her, I
am extremely knowledgeable in the policies and practices of
Scientology.   I have read some of the documents of that Padgett
has forwarded to me.   The policies of attacking, harming,
suppressing, lying, tricking, destroying, spying, and using the
legal system to harass and ruin are factual "religious" doctrine
of Mr. Hubbard and the followers of his cult.    "Disconnection"
is also a very real threat relative to Mr. Padgett and his

As evaluators in this matter please note that scientology
policies are not meant to be ignored but rather to be exactly
applied by scientologist.

I feel that Julie, Beau, and Tom Padgett are at great risk of
permanent estrangement from their father.

As a father of  four daughters who grew up within the cult and
former scientology minister, I sincerely note the courage and
wisdom of the "responsible" parenting exhibited by the father of
these children.  From the documents I have seen, the children
also appear eager to be "restricted" from scientology policy
rather than either parent.

I would gladly be deposed or testify in this matter if needed.

<in handwriting: "Dennis Erlich"  - his signature>
Rev. Dennis Erlich
[address removed]
                                                [Stamp: Luzviminda.S.Diaz
<signature>                                         Comm. #1064961
Notary Public                                 Notary Public - California
                                                  LOS ANGELES COUNTY
                                             My Comm. Expires JUL 12,1999]

Hopkins Circuit Court, KY No. 92-Cl-00444
Kentucky Court of Appeals No. 95-CA-2117-MR
Dennis Erlich sworn letter addition. Thanks to Justwog

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