Tom Padgett's Child Custody Case

Affidavit of Judith Vanator (Tom Padgett's girlfriend)

On Sunday July 23, I retrieved a message from Laura Padgett left on my home
answering machine. She suggested/phone her mother and left a telephone number
I called Betty Vannoy in Madisonville, KY that evening. Mrs. Vannoy without letting
me say much stated the following about Tom Padgett - Julie and Beau's Dad. "He is
doing all the wrong things. He's in a heap of trouble. Laura doesn't have any money.
It's a deteriorating situation. Beau is not suppose to fly alone.  The little boy is
terrfied of flying alone. He wants to be Macho. The man is in very serious trouble.
There is a bench warrant out for his arrest right now. By the 28th of July he is
supposed to pay $5,000.00. The man is a deranged Can't you see that he is not
normal? He can have visitation changed He's not going to be able to see these
children again. We'll go to the Judge. And another thing, there is nothing wrong with
Scientology. The Judge has ruled this way. It is none of his business. We wish we
could talk some sense to some of those people - his brother; his sister, his mother. He
says he doesn't have any money. He's on unemployment because he had a job down
there. He's telling the court and Laura he doesn't have a job. Well we proved he did.
Uh, Uh, Uh, a private investigator! He's a monster and you can't see this Judy. He
upsets the children to no end.

        [personal matters of Beau and Julie I'll not publish - MG]

You can't do anything with Tom. The courts don't affect him at all.
He has been in contempt of court at least twenty times. (The children love their
father) yes they do. He tell's them lies, he tells them their mother is evil, she belongs
to this terrible cult. She's living on her salary.  (RE: Tom's being ill in the hospital)
HA! honey he collapsed on purpose. He was afraid that Laura was going to come
down there and use strong arm tactics. You don't know this man. I think he is a
Psychopath, no a Sociopath. He's got everybody fooled. Every body up here knows
he's insane. I'm not kidding you Judy.  I'm 72 and my husband is 80 and this is
ruining our health. Poor ole Laura, thank God she's got the strength she's got. He
doen't give her any money. Thank God she has a pretty good salary. She wanted
Tom's address. We  don't know anything about Tom. Thank God your there to help.
Julie called every night to keep us appraised Beau watches too much T V"

These are true and correct statements by Mrs. Vannoy about her grand children's
father I do not know Betty Vannoy and/do not know Laura Padgett. I do know Tom,
Julie, and Beau Padgett very well. I `ve played worked and attended Presbyterian
Church with them.

I will reserve my personal opinions at this time because as a Christian I do not think
they are kind and would foster further discord. However, factually speaking I have
seen and read everything to the contrary of Betty Vannoy's comments. I have seen
and read the practices of laura's lawyer, also all contrary and all fake. I have and
read the destructive policies of laura's alleged religion (formerly Tom's and the kids).
There is a direct parallel and correlation here, all are sources of animosity. I have
read where "ANIMOSITY" is the only factor in the current custodial arrangements of
Julie and Beau. Mrs. Vannoy in her "one way" conversation with me had a great deal
of attention on money. She referred twice to the term "strong arm tactics by Laura",
Lastly her frequent use of the pronouns "we" and "we'll" indicate this is her divorce
not just Laura and Tom's. I strongly believe her "we" refers to "Hopkins County
Kentucky the Vannoys and Scientology vs Tom" not "Padgett vs Padgett". Is natural
for any parent to want to help their children in tough times, but Mrs. Vannoy's
uncontrolled animosity is not benefiting anybody most certainly Julie and Beau. I am
a mother and grandmother and what Betty did to me over the phone was wrong and
irresponsible. The mutual relationship between Tom, Julie and Beau is strong, loving,
caring, and very healthy. As a father Tom is excellent and extremely responsible. He
far exceeds most fathers.

What frightens me the most is the fact that Mrs. Vannoy knows the Judge as well as
her other daughter (Ellen) having a former work relationship with the judge. There
is no telling what further damage can be done to Tom, Julie and Beau Padgett than
has already occurred

The most important fact remaining is that Laura could instruct her mother, her
attorney and her belief system (religion) to back off and stop the attacks on Julie and
Beau's Dad as they are sinful, wrong, and unwarranted.
 Judith A. Vanator
 P.O Box 593903
 Orlando, Fl. 32859-3903


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